2022-09-13 Release Notes - Perk Page Rework, Username Changing, Upload Settings


  • Added the option to change usernames (Account page > "Change Username
  • Added a couple of new settings to the Upload page to allow specifying whether you’re using any custom icons & whether you have the Stranger Things DLC - these are a bit of an experiment, if they’re used well they’ll help me improve the identification system.
  • Reworked the Perk pages
    • Bumped usage history up to a year and added patch markers (I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted to add these)
    • Reduced the query resolution to 7 days and aligned it with the usual Tuesday patch times. I haven’t quite decided what I want to do about the most recent week as it’s almost never going to be complete but it’s shown for the minute.
    • Added usage rates for each character (both in terms of the % of perks used by each character and % of total perk appearances by character)
    • Made various style improvements
    • Made perks considerably more clickable


  • Added/re-added a couple bits of help text including on the Upload page
  • Added a trial “Changes saved” prompt which is currently used with the new Upload settings - feedback on it is welcomed
  • Raised the upload size limit to 5mb

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a time zone issue which could exclude matches from the end of the latest day on the Overview
  • Fixed an issue which could cause a match to be shown as having a note after the note has been deleted
  • Fixed the Friend selector being incorrectly shown for the killer when auto filling the Survivors as friends
  • Fixed an issue where going back on the Perk pages could mess up the layout
  • Fixed an issue that could cause perks with no usage in a given week to be missing a datapoint on the graph rather than showing 0%
  • Fixed an issue that could allow eager users to rapidly resend the verification email (I appreciate the enthusiasm but if you haven’t received it please check your email is correct - I get a notification each time it fails to be delivered)
  • Fixed a couple of spacing issues on the Perk pages
  • Fixed an issue with a dependency which could cause high page load times (I enjoy this sort of thing way more than I probably should)
  • Fixed the cancellation of a Discord sign in request returning an internal server error
  • Various other fixes/tweaks & code improvements