Sharex Screenshot upload

I’ve tried uploading my screenshots from ShareX to nightlight, as instructed from the link.

Did everything like in the description but I always get an error message
System.Exception: Unsupported request format: JSON
So I can make a screenshot, but it would’nt automatically upload it to the Site. It’s worked with other websites before so i don’t really know what i should do differently.
Pls help ^^

Hey, sorry you’re having trouble with it. I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure how you’ve managed to get that error. My first thought would be to check the custom uploader settings to make sure you’ve got the right request body selected?

Yeah i do have the right body that you have. I noticed i changed the URL apparently. Changed it back to the original, now i get a different error message.

Ah, glad you found the issue - changing the URL would certainly do it :smile:

The malformed token error means you haven’t quite got your API token specified correctly, you’ll want to double check the value of this box is Bearer REPLACE_ME (with REPLACE_ME being the token you created here:

I have the correct API inserted, but “bearer” was missing, i’ve added it now and once again i got a differnet error message this time

Actually I tested the wrong thingy, now it works thanks!